About US

Helping the Voice Less Speak Up

Our Mission is to combat cruelty to animals and promote the proper care of ALL animals – through advancing awareness in the communities we serve.

Our Vision is to help create a community that LEADS South Africa in its care and respect of animals in homes, on farms and in the wild.

We are committed to mobilize a society that provides all animals, as a minimum, five essential freedoms:


Freedom from hunger and thirst


Freedom from pain, injury, and disease


Freedom from distress


Freedom from discomfort


Freedom to express behaviours that promote well-being

Founded in 1936

We inspect facilities that keep animals: pet shops, sale yards, security companies, abattoirs, etc. to ensure the animals have the proper care and take action where standards are not met.

We also run the municipal pound for stray animals, domestic and farmed animals. It is our mission to reunite lost animals with their owners.

Our SPCA inspectors work in underprivileged areas, educating owners about animals care, and enforcing the Animals Protection act 71 of 1962.

One of our biggest challenges is to motivate dog and cat owners to sterilize their animals.
An oversupply of puppies and kittens lead to sick, old or unwanted animals being abandoned to die of starvation.

Fearless Team

We have the honor of working with some truly amazing people & the members of our team always go above & beyond their duty to help to protect all creatures:

Marisa Kruger

Marisa Kruger


084 885 5173


Gena Lee Labuschagne

Gena Lee Labuschagne





Riaan vd Heever

Riaan vd Heever

Trainee Inspector

Pieter Mazirel

Pieter Mazirel

trainee Field Officer