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Animal Welfare Organization

Our Mission is to combat cruelty to animals and promote the proper care of ALL animals – through advancing awareness in the communities we serve.

What we’re about

Our Vision is to help create a community that LEADS South Africa in its care and respect of animals in homes, on farms and in the wild. We are committed to mobilize a society that provides all animals, as a minimum, five essential freedoms:

How you can help

Every cent helps

One of our biggest challenges is to motivate dog and cat owners to sterilize their animals. An oversupply of puppies and kittens lead to sick, old or unwanted animals being abandoned to die of starvation. You can help us by:

Sponsor a Kennel

You can sponsor a kennel to help us care for our guests at SPCA Rustenburg

Volunteering & Donating

There are various ways you can help us help our Furry Friends. CLICK HERE AND FIND OUT HOW

Adopting from the SPCA

Change the live of a furry friend by giving them a loving home. You can find out more about how the adoption process works by clicking on the link below.
Our latest furry friend happy home stories! – Here are some of the great adoption stories from Rustenburg SPCA.
Oreo van Staden

Oreo van Staden

Oreo bring soveel ekstra liefde en vreugde. (ons het 6 ander honde ook) hy  smile vir alles, en wys sy tandjies heeltyd, al kry hy raas, hy is net ALTYD happy. Hy laat ons baie lag met al die snaakse en vreemde goed wat hy doen. Mens wil hom net opvreet van oulikgeid....

Luna Fourie

Luna Fourie

Luna is n amazing hond!! Sy is vreeslik lief vir haat boeties en het baie vinnig aan gepas by hulle. Sy love dit om te gaan stap en om in die water te speel (sy is omtrent heeldag in die water). Sy maak ons lag met haar naskuurigheid en oulike dingetjies wat sy doen....

Jazz-Mint T McMagh heartbeat at my feet.

Jazz-Mint T McMagh heartbeat at my feet.

I’m in love with a child who was not born from me but born for me.   December 2020 was the beginning of what was to become the most beautiful chapter of my life. After what seemed a lifetime of paperwork and background checks, I was finally given my bundle of joy to...

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