I’m in love with a child who was not born from me but born for me.
December 2020 was the beginning of what was to become the most beautiful chapter of my life. After what seemed a lifetime of paperwork and background checks, I was finally given my bundle of joy to bring home. She was tiny, and scruffy, she had teeth missing, she had fleas on fleas and ticks on ticks, was in dire need of love, a good bath and hugs and kisses.
Ever so slowly the fleas and ticks and knots and matting started disappearing and what was revealing itself was the cutest, bravest and most loving little girl we could ever have imagined getting. Over the months we started learning about each other’s habits and routines She was a terrible eater and wouldn’t eat anything if she was being watched. We started working around this and today she is able to eat in front of anyone at anytime and anyplace.  We discovered that she loved road trips and the car, she has become my constant companion on my road trips. We then found out that she is a born little runner, and slowly we introduced her to our morning runs, she has now become my running partner and is the one who motivates me to get up and get out.  
We dance together when we see each other, she jumps into my arms when I come home, and I’m made to feel like the most special and loved human in the world. We share one bed, she on her side and me on mine. She snores and keeps me awake at night. she loves tummy rubs and long hugs, she loves taking showers with me and licks the water that runs off her little nose while I’m washing her.
She gets the Zoom Zooms after I have washed her, and she scoots around the house like a bag of angry bees … She loves me unconditionally and I her. We are best friends and soul sisters, no words can describe the love and feelings she brings out in me, so I shall end this story with the following quote.
“And God said, I will send them without wings, so no one suspects they are angels…”
☝️ Renee McMagh 


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