He came with no name…
Found on the 25th of March next to the road with a rope around his neck left to die all alone..

Noah, as we decided to call him, was saved that day by our field officers Gena and Riaan and a chance to find love and a happy home
From the first day Noah arrived till his last day he was ALWAYS a happy little man, he never blamed us for anything that happened to him, never was angry because he was left to die, no all he did was give big hugs and tail wags whenever he saw us
For two Months Noah did so well, he loved all people, animals and children. He was loved by the community and has stolen so many hearts and captivated all the readers of our local newspaper at Rustenburg Herald
He was our famous little man sent from God.

One morning we noticed that something was not right, Noah was starting to drag his hind legs, the vet was called and Noah was rushed to Bergbos

Noah had a very old fracture that was now starting to act up because our little hero was gaining weight and was moving around more and more, he was starting to get active and enjoying life and his body was always used to him being weak.
He became paralyzed and the vets did whatever they could to make him as comfortable as best, but with all the medication received his kidneys started failing, for 3 full days, praying and believing, we really hoped he will make it, but the sad news came that we had to greet Noah because he was in too much pain. Just before we went to greet he also had a stroke. The best for our beautiful boy was to send him safely over the rainbow bridge., holding him and telling him he was the best ever and the most beautiful while he fell asleep..

Noah thank you for the best 2 months of awesome memories shared with you..
You were so loved and adored by so many people and we loved you so much.
You were an inspiration to all of us and we learned so much from you..
You taught us “no matter what obstacles come your way you get up and try and you try it with a smile, you keep on loving no matter what.”
We will forever remember Noah..
We will miss you with all our hearts and thank you for being our friend and for letting us get to know you..

Your place will be empty but you are free now and you have your forever home by our God…
Forever our Noah


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